How I saw an outfit

Have you ever trying to choose a dress with your friend. Yep, a female friend. The whole time you were together, you feel comfortable with her because you girls have so much in common.  And, one day, you go shopping with her. That’s when you finally realized that you and her have a big difference.

The way I look a dress is it’s good if it fits for me, I’m apparently a goal-oriented kind of person. While my friend see the dress as a dress,  whether it fits her well or not. No need to say, we have nothing in a common when talking about outfit.
Here’s one thing, fashion is something that’s ‘what’s in for this year’,  while style is something more personal and the way you represents yourself to others. So,  for me, it’s very important to know about my body figure (phew, especially when your body is transforms into something called ‘proportional according to BMI’) and what kind of outfit that looks great (not just good)  on me.
That applied when you’re trying to find an outfit for others too, in case they ask your opinions when buying an outfit. Recognize her/his body figure first, then see where’s her/his body highlight and whether she/he wants to cover the not-wanted body parts.

You can look great if you comfortable and know the right thing to wear (according to your figure).

Have a great and fabulous Saturday, y’all 🙂