Just my two cents

Have you ever really want to travel and at that moment the choices are saving the money for the next few months because you don’t have a job yet or to just use the money to travels?

I’d rather saving my money in order to be safe for the next few months while I’m looking for a job. Sometimes, in life,  you have to do things against your will.  There’s always a choice and it’s consequences.

Now, I’m thinking what if I just let myself free from all the pressures and just travel, having a journey that I’ve always wanted. I believe God will always lighting my way and guide me,so God is going to give me a way from my financial struggles. Why don’t I just living my life, do everything I’ve always wanted to do and just be free. I’ll meet new people and have new experience from my journey, that’ll enriched my soul.

In life, there’s always be choices and decisions to make. Measures every steps ahead and the consequences of your choice. Take risks if you’ve known the consequences and what to do with it.


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