Women and age

Let me share a short story from my colleague, we’ve met for work on last Saturday.

I don’t have children yet because I’m getting married a little late. It took me almost three years to get back my eagerness to marry. It was my best friend that ending up married me, I didn’t know that he have a crush on me for so long till my now sister in law told me about it.  We’ve been friends like forever, I can tell him about everything because our intention at that time was being friends, nothing more.

After I reach thirty, the willing to marrying someone become less interesting for me. While on the other side, my family side that is, become more and more encouraged me to get marry as soon as possible. It’s not that easy to just get married with anyone because at this age I already become an independent woman. I can fulfil my own needs, speaking of home and live expenditure. I make my own life analysis and decision without having to worried about others opinions. I’m comfortable with that kind of life.

But then, suddenly my now sister in law took me to lunch and was talking to me about her brother (my best friend). She said ‘what if my brother likes you, would you married him?’. I was so shocked because after all this time, why can’t he told me about this. After that, our relationship has change from best friend to lovers. We’ve been going out as lover for about three months and then get engaged on our fourth months as a couple. And then getting married two moths after engagement.

At that time, I was thinking about my parents, I don’t want them to get illnesses because they over-think about me and why am I not married yet. Why I decide to marry him,  my own best friend?  Maybe because I feel comfortable with him and he knows everything about me so there won’t be any absurd hopes in the future.

And now we’ve been husband and wife for almost three years, well, two and a half years LDR and just about a few months been living in the same roof. Alhamdulillah (thank God) everything’s just fine and we haven’t had a serious problems till this second, I hope we won’t have it though *laughing.

That’s her story.

As usual, I always fascinated by love stories. People have their own story and I’m thankful when they’re willing to told me about their stories and I can learn something by the easy way (well, since I don’t have to go through the whole story because not all of them have this sweet, romantic way).

Speaking of marriage, at my age, most of my friends already married and have one or two or even three children. As for me, I do want to get married but I’m not in the position to be able to do it because I have my own issues and I have this kind of unique type of man that I wanted to be with. Found one but not sure where we’re heading. It took me a long time before I can get assured that he’s the right man for me.

In general, marriage is one serious, life-time commitment. Whether it’s going to works or fail, the responsibility goes for both parties. And if someone decides to be solo for her/his lifetime, it’s their rights and there must be another story that’ll explains it, though I don’t think everyone have rights to know it.

Just be free to chose, it’s your life anyway, not theirs.


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