Dear me,


Dear me,
I know that you’ve been stepping on gazillions Rocky steps, I’m not sorry for that. Because that’s what makes you a stronger woman today. Many times you want to give up and just go away from your problems, but then you made it and  conquer it all.

I know you’ve going through a bitter-sweet love. There were times when everything seems so flowery and bright, when every word is a beautifully written poems, when every voice of him is a remedy for all your troubles. That’s love. I know how hard it was for you to come to his house and saw his stiff, cold body. How hard it is for you to hug his mother and the only word that can came out from your mouth is ‘sorry’. 

I know that right now you finally can stored the old love in a box inside your heart. And you can loved someone again after a few years in sorrow. That’s great!  It’s not easy but you prove me that you can do it.

I love you for being you. The kind, tough, expressive, honest, well mannered, independent and mature you.

There’s still many things that you have to face, remember that you have family that love you.  A few groups of best friend that will always support and cheer you. I believe you can stand tall and keep your chin up in every situation.

I’m proud of you.  Remember to be a better you every each day.

With tremendous love,


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