Generally,  the world or the human that live today would differentiate  themselves as woman and man (the primary classification, please do not offended by that). And everyone is teaching their children how to behave following their gender.

Today, when I have a chitchat with a friend (male), I said that I’m about to cry because I remember something in the past while listening to ‘end of may’ by Michael  Buble (my fave song recently)  and pms. Then he said ‘you’re a girl, you have a privilege to cry. Do so.’ I get shocked by his words, we all have this tear-producing part in our eyes. It means anyone can cry as they please. Man can cry, I don’t mind if one day a man cry in front of me, that’s normal.

Man have rights to cry, as much as we women do. Don’t be shy or feel ashamed by expressing your feelings.

I’m not a feminist, I’m not a meninist, I’m a human. That’s all.  


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