My page, my rules

Here in Indonesia, you can see lots of comments that mocking president or his former opponent. People is divided into two parties, jokowers and prabowoers (?).

This war continues even after the election finished. It varies from a true to the most unexpected kind of rumors. And I’m sick of it.

That’s why I decided not to go with the flow; I don’t want my facebook account get infected by those politic virus. So I never posts anything about politic. And my rule is no more of that kinda stuff, that applied for everyone who’s come to my page.

Today, finally, there’s someone who mentioned the political party on her comment to my post. I tell her about my rule and I have to deletes her comment. She said that she doesn’t meant to do so (yeah, right..) and kinda accused me that I’m a supporter for her opponent party. That’s funny because I have just told her that I don’t support any party.

Such a sly. I thought I know her all this time.. Whatever.. My page, my rules.. If you can’t obey it, then don’t do anything on my page..

Hhh what a life..


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