Less fat, great health

Hmmm, instead of talking about being fat or skinny, let’s talk about body mass index (BMI). The normal range of BMI is 18.5 to 25.

What?  What are you saying? Oh, I’m sorry, you’re not familiar with BMI?  Okay, BMI is a method used to estimate your total body fat. How to calculate it?  Easy, divide your weight in kilograms by the square of your height in metres (kg/m2).

Above 25, you’re an obese.

Dear, I’m not talking about how ugly you would look like if you’re fat. I have more concern about your health, our health (since I am fat too, slightly above 25). Imagine those fist-size heart of ours,  how hard it should work, twice triple from the average rate. Do you feels that gallons of sweat when we only walk for about 100 metres. Not to mention, the stairs. We frequently gasping. Our lungs is hardly catching oxygen to meet our body needs.

You know when the heart tissues are lack of oxygen supply and they’re continually working hard, the can stop working. And that means death.

Being too thin, BMI less than 18.5 is not good either. You got cold easily, because you have less fat supply. Callories deficiency, iron deficiency, blood glucose deficiency?  That’s a problem.

So,  let’s just be healthy. Check regularly our BMI and blood pressure.

You’re already beautiful, stop comforting yourself by the words ‘I’m fat and I’m beautiful’. Beauty is not the case, being healthy is.

*I, myself, is trying to lose a few kilograms to be in the normal range of BMI. Fighting!! 

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