A whole different world

Have you ever walk into a place  where everything seems totally different with your life?  I did,  well I am now experiencing that..

Heart,  lung,  intestine, genitalia, those organs, the function and pathological condition.  And, here I am in a magazine office.  Phew, beauty, fashion, arts.

Met a new friend here, Dolly (hey, she have a similar name with my buff). She’s working in the magazine office like forever, they called her to have today’s interview btw. ‘it’s quite similar, actually’ she said.  The editor world, that is.

Here I am still thinking ‘how is that similar?  Beauty and diseases?  A surgery for life and a surgery for younger, better looks?

I’ll found out later..  Still waiting for the interview.. Wish me luck, everyone..

Break a leg..  Break a hope? I hope not..

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