On parenting

The toilet training for toddler has various problems within. The first thing you have to notice is the child readiness to pee or poop in the toilet. The signs of the readiness are she/he no longer peeing or popping on the diapers (in some children, they might have said that they don’t like diapers), she/he can control the bladder or the urge to poop when they said that they want to go to the toilet or they want to pee or poop.

But, if they can’t control the urge to pee and poop, you can take your children to the toilet every two hours to take her/his time in the toilet to pee or poop. This might makes the parents exhausted and increased the monthly diapers costs but its worth it.

Oh, another tips, make the toilet training as a fun activity for the children. If every two hours, they didn’t pee or poop, let them play a while in the toilet. If they still don’t pee or poop, put back the diapers or pants and do it all over again the next two hours. You are letting them know where the place to pee and poop by doing this.

Be patients and calm.

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