The upcoming reunion with besties

One of my besties is going to get married (oh,  yeah, my few last article were talking about wedding. Don’t get bored, because I am going to post at least one more :mrgreen:). Upsetting because she didn’t told me herself, I know it from one of the girls in our group of bestie (we’ve met when we’re in college).

I can’t stand to not call her at the moment I know the news. So I called her last night and found out that she only have one month to prepare her big day (at this moment, even the invitation haven’t done yet). Semoga semuanya bisa siap tepat waktu ya, mengingat rada ribet deh persiapan pernikahan tuh. Kalo saya siyh pasti lama milih gaun atau kebaya hihihi..

After a long before-bed conversation,  I contact the other member of my bestie group,  there are two of them (one is around four mother pregnant). Then we start to make a plan on how to get there, since none of us have ever visited her home.

Wish us and the wedding luck.  Can’t wait to be with them and we surely will have a loooong night chat when we’re together..

To be continued..


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