Actually,  I do remember this snack, not my first time to eat it.  One thing that I’ve just realized is the name on the packaging that really got me stunned. How can I not saw it before? Why I got to see it now?

But then, I smile.  That name and lots of great memories keep flowing in my mind.  It’s relieving that how one day you can overcome your sorrow and turn it into a smile. 

Not because you’ve forgotten the person,  but because you’ve come to realize that the person is still in your heart and give you the warm feeling when you remember your life story with that person.  Knowing that the precious moments you’ve had with that person is becoming a precious treasure in life.

I’ve come to realize that every trace of others in your life can be such a beautiful memories. Yes, sometimes you want them back in your life, but those traces can actually brings back the warm feeling in your heart and the smile. Yes, you could also cry or somehow re-create the moment now, but it’s not a problem, feel free to do it.


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