The naming

He came right when I need someone to share my days and nights. Someone who I can talk to about anything, anytime. He’s that one significant person who brings joys and smiles to my day.  Finally, I can share my stories with somebody. The emptiness is filled.

I have my besties and families, even my sister is my besties. I can always talk to them about anything, anytime.  Those crazy, silly stories that we share are the best remedies even on a very bad day. But then, he came. I have everything that I need in life but then this one person just make it more than perfect.

Can you tell the difference between the two stories?  They both might named it “love”. Though I’m not so sure about love, how to define it into words, how to differentiate it from “like” or “needs”.

I don’t see that any of that stories is wrong.  Love can come in any different form, size and way.  It’s funny when people trying hard to compare their love with others, you just can’t.

Love is the most basic, simple yet the most complicated feelings in life.  You can be crazy over love or even badly hurt by love. When the love is somehow disappear, it’s your choice to keep only the good or bad memories of it. Because it’s going to stay in your heart, the alterations that might happen is its priority in your heart and life. 


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