The (things that was left) unsaid

You are not the kind of perfect perfect
But you’re just perfect for me
That’s enough

There were times
When you were busy with your life
And I’m busy with mine
But we’re there inside each other

You probably don’t know this
I love you, sincerely
You don’t have to make me raptures
By being on TV or newspaper
Because you yourself have made me being carried away

It’s not boring
When you repeteadly talk about your life
How your parents doing
How frustrated you are
How you’ve talked about work
How we’re Skype-ing and the only thing that we do is look at each others, and smiling
When we said we missed each other

That was the happy and sad moments
Because in every words of “miss you”,
There’s a swords that severely breaks the heart
In every smile,
There’s a greater feelings of grateful for being able to know each other
In every gaze,
There’s a whole big aching wish to be able to be there.

Taking a step back

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