Horror movie

Okay,  insidious 3 is playing in the movie theater.

I’m not a fan of horror movies.  Get easily shocked by the music and the apparently appeared ghosts. The visualization of the ghosts are going to stay in my head like forever.  And it’s not good, since sometimes I have to go to another city or island because of work.

My mom and sister are the contradiction of mine, they are a big fan of horror movies.  Actually, last night they were watching insidious 3. And my mom was like “what is so scary about insidious 3?  I don’t get scared at all because it’s all obviously made up,  I mean, you can see that it’s all fake. Unlike Exorcism, boy I love the movie, it gets me frightened and it’s fun.”

What is so fun by getting frightened by ghosts?  Okay, they’re fake, I know, but when you’re in a strange place and it was your first time there and then all of a sudden you’ve got this pictures of ghost in your mind, that is so not good.

And,  til this morning, my mom just can’t stop saying “insidious is not scary at all.” Does it means that she want me to watch it?  No, thanks.


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