About yoga

Lower back pain is the first reason of why I’m practicing yoga. The second reason is I think I need to exercise, I need a more flexible body and calms my mind. I want to exercise but I hate a fast-moving kind of exercise, I can’t swim,  I hate running, belly dancing and aerobics are just not my kind of exercise. So, I decided to take yoga class.

My first yoga instructor is not an actual yoga instructor, I mean I think she doesn’t know the name of the asanas. So, there I go, basic yoga like forever. The only thing that I’ve learned was how to control my breath while doing yoga.

Now, my second yoga instructor is having more knowledge about yoga. She teaches us asanas and the flow of the yoga is better, the initial asanas was meant to improve our ability to achieve a significant asana at the end.

Knowing that I’m having a better instructor, I decided to regularly take yoga class.  Bought a yoga mat, the TPE one so it doesn’t have a strange odour like the PVC one plus it has a small pores so it minimized the accumulation of bacteria on the mat. This make me happy.

Speaking the fundamental principles of yoga, just read it at http://www.yogalearningcenter.com/articles/ten_fundamentals because I don’t really learn about yoga that far. Well,  maybe in the future I would read and think about it. For now, I’m just going to practice and enjoy it.

There’s another issue regarding yoga, the worships Principe of yoga. There’s a statement that said that actually yoga is a form of nature and animal worshipping, which is very different from most of the religions in the world.  What do you think about that? 

Despite all the issues, guess I’m still going to do yoga for my own sake.  It makes me happy, knowing myself better, challenging and great for my body. I’ll do what my mind and body wants to do. 

Yesterday, on international yoga day,  I went to kebun raya Bogor (KRB) to do Surya namaskara there with yoga Bogor community. The only reason of my measurement is because I’ve been longing to do yoga there, doing yoga and surroundings by trees and birds. Thankfully the weather is nice and I’ve met gorgeous people, so I was having fun there. Been thinking to do yoga in a few different communities, sounds great, right?  Let’s just say that it’s my new adventure,  YoLing (yoga keliling) 😆 Though I’m not that good yogini but the idea of doing yoga in a new place and met new friends is quite alluring.


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