So, I found this remarkable man on my way to a place that I thought is going to be my home. It’s not a coincidence, well I thought it wasn’t because I do believe that we met people for certain reasons.

Don’t you think it’s a great thing that might happen in your life, I mean,  by all means,  you rarely find a great, passionate with his work, caressing, supports you,  believe in you, always look only at you and tell you how beautiful you are, and willing to grow with you kind of man. So,  there he is, right beside me.

He has been guiding me to change my point of view of things in life, both world and private issues. He shows me how to work passionately, no,  it’s not like literally shows me how he’s been working all this time, just by one word that I keep in mind to this minute. Probably he knows it already when we have a conversation or discussion that he has teaching me a lot of things that I didn’t know and how things has changed in me.

But, there he was. Looking at me, smiling and convince me that I’m more than I thought I am. Just a simple ‘you are pretty’ means the world to me if it’s came out from his mouth. No one can effects me quite the way he did.

He’s the only man that can made me breathless and trust, I know that it is too much to feel towards a man, but hey, he is perfect in his own way. No one could ever copied that. He’s not an all-time wise guy, he could be childish at times and I love both of that.

I know exactly that he already have a home and I love it if he can find his way back home. The home where he feels secure and comfortable, a home that need him,  a home that I know would be a great place for him because he missed it so much. I can tell by looking at his eyes, which sometimes wandering and lonely.

And there he was, made it safely back to his home. And here I am, losing my moment to say that I love and want him. I made the right choice by letting him go and get back to his track. I love love, so till we meet again, love,  I’ll be busy figuring out my rhythms and gradually find you back.

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