‘Have to’ versus ‘Want to’

‘Hi, are you Sara from SMA 35?’
‘Yes, rrr, sorry, and you?’
‘I’m Gretta, we were in the speech club when we were in high school’
‘Wait, Gretta? You’re much more thinner now.’
‘Well, a few things has changed now. Why don’t we have a cup of tea on that cafe? So we can talk more?’
‘I’m afraid I can’t, Gretta. Though I would love to. I have to work.’
‘Oh, what a pity. Here, my business card. Call me when you have time, okay?’
‘Yeah, I will.’

I’m not going to talk about the literal differences between the words ‘have to’ and ‘want to’, and, speaking the obvious, it is different. What I want to discuss is the feelings that you will have after saying each of those words.

The words ‘have to’ feels like an obligation to fulfilled the task. What I have in mind when I say ‘I have to’ is this cryptic, heavy weight on my shoulder. If I said ‘I have to’, it, somehow, means that I’m  ought to do it. When I said the word ‘work’, gosh, suddenly I feel so sleepy and tired.

While the words ‘want to’, which I love to use, is telling you that you have the choices to do or not to do the task. It have the feels of freedom and an eagerness to do the task. I tend to feel happy and the spirit is overflowing me, knowing that I have chooses to do tasks on my own will.

Now, can you feel the difference? You should try to use it and feels the difference from saying those two words. I found it interesting, how our feelings can change just by saying the right words. So, do be careful when you say a word.

Gotta go now! I WANT to work 😜

Ps: Thank you, D. For showing me the differences.

Hello sunshine,

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