Long Distance Relationship

Have you ever dream that someday you’d meet someone who just so right for you but he/she is a thousand miles away from you?

I have never dream that kind of thing.  Why?  Because even if you’re living in the same city as your lover do, it’s not that easy to meet or even to have a long lasting relationship. Well,  maybe it’s just me and my perception of things. Not to mention when you get bored of that person,  but then it might not love if you feel bore. I don’t know.

Yeah,  of course I do realize that today’s information technology become very helpful for those who’s having LDR. You can talk anytime, you can even talk face to face, you just can’t touch them. That’s all.  Is that a problem?  Then you’re just not the LDR kind of person.

One time, my friend who apparently having LDR with her boyfriend said that Skype just doesn’t help.  It’s making things get more difficult because after the Skype session they missed each other even more.  So they stick to messages and a few phone calls every day.

Of course, there’s so much more interesting stories about LDR. I don’t know about the fruitfulness rate of LDR, because I’ve heard only a few stories of LDR.

Ah, love is a mysterious thing every now and then. I’d say, just enjoy it, don’t worry about the next day.  Love the way you wanted to be loved.


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6 thoughts on “Long Distance Relationship

      • I’d definitely agree that it’s a strong combination of both beauty and pain. I happen to be in one now. Can I ask (if you don’t mind) why it ended?


      • I don’t mind at all. Seems like, I think you’ll get this perfectly, you know everytime I misses him and vice versa, we always say it honestly. But then, it hurts both of us. We both have some projects to do, and we decided to step back. Would like to hear your story too..


      • I couldn’t not understand even if I tried :(. Going through something like that now with my partner who has something important he has to do and the best way I can help is by stepping back in a supportive way so that he does well. It’s difficult loving someone so much and not being able to expressive to each enough to console for not being there. I’d be lying if I didn’t have my “what’s the point” and “I give up” days.

        My story is probably a typical one. I was using the hot or not app for a timekiller which is “supposed” to show you people from your area. However, fate decided to connect me to someone hundreds of miles away who I would later end up deep in love with. We have been together for nearly a year now and hope to meet in July/September

        – A x


      • For not being there when he needed me, for always can only give comforting words and at one point end up thinking “I’m not able to be there with him, what words are for.” Those kind of things are making us upset (for not being able to be there for one another) and sad, the worst kind of pain.

        But, that’s our story. Hope yours is going to be an awesome one! Bet you can’t wait for July/September to come 😆


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